When you share a book, you're sharing more than just pages of paper and ink. You're sharing the opportunity to learn, discover and feel cared for.

That's why we created Mailbooks For Good.

Mailbooks For Good is an innovation in book publishing, which allows you to donate books directly to those who need it.

When the books are finished, readers simply turn the covers inside out and the books become pre-paid and pre-addressed packages. Once posted they are sent directly to the charity for distribution to those in need.

Mailbooks For Good is currently available in Gleebooks bookstores in Sydney with a nationwide release in the works.

If you are involved with, or know of a charity which helps to share the gift of literacy, please contact us at the bottom of this page.

No matter how big or how small, or where in the world, you can help re-gift the gift of reading.


Open the dust jacket entirely, ensuring all flaps are laid flat.

Fold the jacket around the book, envelope side facing out. Fold the top and bottom flaps over the book first, removing protective paper from adhesive.

Remove protective paper from adhesive on the envelope flap then close to seal your Mailbook.

Your pre-paid and addressed book is now ready to donate! Simply drop it in your nearest mailbox and you're done. Thank you.


Released in partnership with Random House, the current range of Mailbooks For Good is available at Gleebooks bookstores in Sydney, Australia.

These books will be sent to The Footpath Library.

Mailbooks can be easily adapted to fit almost any novel, magazine or childrens book.


Mailbooks For Good design has been designed to easily fit with almost any book. It is currently pending global patent and is available for partnership with literacy charities worldwide.

If you represent a charity, retailer, publisher or postal service who would like to help spread the gift of reading please send us a message below.